Video game: ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

The formation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board regulatory body in the 1990s was partly brought about by the notorious reputation of the first title in the “Mortal Kombat” fighting-game franchise.

Movie: ‘Poms’

Moviegoers turning to the senior-themed comedy “Poms” (STX) in the hope of being treated to the kind of zingy dialogue and amusing antics that made the NBC sitcom “The Golden Girls” so popular will come away sadly disappointed.

Movie: ‘The Hustle’

“The Hustle” (MGM) suffers from being a mechanical ride, punctuated by occasional attempts at crass humor, through a plot based on outdated notions of cleverness and sophistication.

Movie: ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’

Devotees of the global media juggernaut that takes its name from the Japanese for pocket monsters will no doubt welcome “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” (Warner Bros.), the first live-action feature in the franchise that began with video games in the 1990s.

Movie: ‘Tolkien’

By turns lyrical and moving, “Tolkien” (Fox Searchlight) is a sophisticated profile of the future novelist’s youth that succeeds on a number of levels.