Action needed now to stop gun violence

By Sister Carol Schmit, OSF

The unbelievable acts of violence and loss of life in New York and Texas leave us desperately asking: “How can this stop?” We need to shop for groceries without fear, our children need to go to school knowing they are safe.

How does the senseless death of elementary children affect us here in Minnesota? It turns out there are workers from Uvalde, Texas, employed in agriculture here in Minnesota, specifically the Brooten area. Three families right here in Minnesota lost precious fourth-grade relatives in the shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Please God may it never happen again in any school, in any neighborhood.

Contact your elected officials now to demand action toward stricter background checks, toward taking assault weapons — specifically made to kill people — out of our homes and off our streets.

Let us join the prayers and efforts of religious sisters across the country and “pledge to stand with all who seek to put an end to the epidemic violence in our land and to follow the path of peace. Let us never doubt that the deep darkness of these days can be overcome by the radiant light of our lives and actions lived in love.”

Sister Carol Schmit, OSF is community minister of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls.

Author: The Central Minnesota Catholic

The Central Minnesota Catholic is the magazine for the Diocese of St. Cloud.

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