Movie: ‘1917’

“1917” is a great movie about the Great War — by turns harrowing and lyrically beautiful, and deeply humane throughout.

Movie: ‘Second Act’

The appealing workplace comedy “Second Act” (STX) which posits that street smarts should rate at least as highly as an educational pedigree, is not so much #Metoo as #Whynotme.

Movie: ‘Aquaman’

Viewers taking the plunge to follow his adventures will be treated to a sprawling, lush spectacle. But the DC Comics adaptation built around him also is overlong, overcomplicated and, at times, just plain dumb.

Movie: ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’

This innovative but noisy and frenetic animated take on the Marvel Comics saga features one novice web-slinger and a quintet of alternate versions of the title character who arrive on Earth from other dimensions. The resulting adventure is not for the easily jangled or the littlest tots. But it is otherwise suitable for a wide audience.

Movie review: ‘Patriots Day’

While “Patriots Day” is an effective dramatization of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and its violent aftermath, the film is also an unsparing portrayal of those events.